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Pep Guardiola: A Focused Coach

He is not worried about issues with players or special statistics. He wants to see City play at their best.

Crystal Palace v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round
Pep and his training staff assess their squad constantly.
Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola had to handle a number of questions at his press conference before Monday's Premier League match against AFC Bournemouth that were clearly contradictory to his vision for the club.

The first reporter asked him if City would be able to match the last three years’ achievement of being top goal scorers in the Premier League, and whether the forwards currently operating for the Blues were capable of matching that statistic.

“I am not so worried about that,” Pep replied patiently.

The same reporter then asked if it would become an issue “given the form of the players to keep them happy, to give them enough game time.”

“No.” Pep scratched his head. “We are worried about the next game. So I’m not thinking about the far away,” he looked up and pointed into the distance.

He wants more consistency than the Citizens showed against Swansea City from the first half to the second. He wants them to keep their positive rhythm.

Throughout the press conference, he handled a number of similar questions but always expanded into a more realistic view on the game. Eventually, someone asked Pep about what it meant to play Bournemouth.

“Of course, for the atmosphere, eight in the evening, everyone else has played. I know what happened against Liverpool, Arsenal. It will be a tough, tough game.”

Guardiola lit up when he responded to a question regarding injury updates.

“Everyone is fit. They are training amazing. I am so happy to be here with these players.”