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Manchester City's Gabriel Jesus added to FIFA 17 Database, is a BEAST



Gabriel Jesus is now officially a Manchester City player after finishing his career in Brazil and moving to England. And he's now available for videogame fanatics.

EA Sports updated their FIFA 17 Database on January 5th, as they do every week, and the biggest addition was indeed Gabriel Jesus. He's already available to play on the Manchester City squad, and can be used on Career Mode.

The awesome website SoFIFA, which gives you the full rundown of stats of every single player on the FIFA database, has given us Jesus' stats, and they are SICK.

Let's go through the most impressive ones:

Overall Rating: 78

This is really impressive. Young Brazilians aren't really valued by EA, because they don't work on the Brazilian league and they don't follow the best prospects. But since Jesus is the starting striker for the national team and is widely regarded as the best prospect from Brazil since Neymar, EA bought the hype and gave him a big overall rating.

Just as a comparison, Jesus is higher rated than Kelechi Iheanacho (76) and Marcus Rashford (77).

Potential: 90

This is the number that really stands out. If you play Career Mode and get your player to a 90+ rating, you basically have the best player in the game on your team. This takes at least three seasons without the training feature, but if you're patient enough, Jesus will turn into a beast on your Man City team.

EA basically thinks Jesus is the best young player on Earth. The only U-20's with 90 potential in the entire game are Rashford, Ousmane Dembele (Borussia Dortmund), Anthony Martial (Cover Boy, Manchester United) and Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur). Pretty good company.


Seriously, this kid has got it all: he's really fast on FIFA (88 acceleration, 85 sprint speed), he's agile (92 AGILITY!!!!) and he won't fall over easily (82 reactions, 91 balance). If you're into dribbling, he's got that too already (85 dribbling, 83 ball control). Seriously, this kid has got it all.

But what about his striking abilities? Well, to be the most promising striker in FIFA you have to be a good finisher already, and Jesus is a great finisher. He's got 80 FINISHING! That's better than Iheanacho (79) and Rashford (76), the two other great young strikers in the game.

If Gabriel Jesus in real life turns out to be as good as he is on FIFA, then Pep Guardiola made the greatest signing of all time.