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Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany will never stop fighting to stay healthy

You're a hero, Cap

Crystal Palace v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Vincent Kompany is a hero. You can't deny that. He's had 37 seven injuries since joining Manchester City, and for the last three seasons he has never had a run of consistent games.

Any normal person would probably have given up on the seventh injury, let alone the thirty-seventh. But Kompany keeps on working hard to return from problem after problem, and for the first time in a long time, the captain looked good.

He returned once again in the FA Cup match against Crystal Palace, and things could not have been more perfect. Kompany was a rock on defense, kept the clean sheet for his team and was fantastic as a passer, doing the things Pep Guardiola wants his central defenders to do when they have the ball.

It really feels like Kompany has a shot at being healthy this time, and he couldn't be happier, especially because his return came at Selhurst Park, the ground where he got his latest injury, a knee problem that kept him out of the team for two months.

“It was more important for me [to play here]. I don’t think like the usual person. For me if something brings me bad luck I’ll go looking for it again to see if it'll be bad luck again. That’s how I am.

"I am the happiest player in the world today. I'm like a child growing up with the dream to play football."

Source: Mirror

What now? Kompany is back from injury again, but the past has taught us many times there's a good chance he'll get hurt and miss time. It doesn't matter to Vinny.

"I want to play but at the same time I’m a fighter. I will not give up – it’s impossible for me. I’ve always been confident I can come back and do a job. I’ve had [injuries] since I was 14 years old but still built this career that I’ve built. I won’t stop and I know I'll keep fighting even if it's for [just] one game, so I can experience these moments.

“The moment I give up on that, I can guarantee one thing: that I will never set foot on a football pitch again."

What a guy. What a hero. What a Captain.