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WATCH: Gabriel Jesus first interview as Manchester City player

Jesus speaks!

Jesus has spoken in his first interview as a Manchester City player. He's just so mature for a guy who's 19 years old.

Check it out:

A few highlights:

  • Pep Call: "Guardiola was the only manager who called me, so I was very pleased given the manager he is and everything he's done."
  • City dreams: "My dream in a City shirt is to win titles, to be happy and to make all of Manchester City's fans happy too."
  • Playing for the fans: "I was very pleased that the fans wanted to find out about me and were following me. When I'm presented officially and when I run out onto the pitch, I'll be playing for them."
  • TITLES!!! "I want to win titles and Manchester City is a club that is used to winning. City is a Club that always competes for the title in the competitions it enters, so that was an important factor, and because of the manager, Guardiola, and the squad."

Welcome, kid. Keep being awesome.