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Manchester City facing institutional hurdles with FA and UEFA

In the last two days, City has been in the spotlight for FA reporting procedures and UEFA’s position on financial fair play.

Manchester City v Arsenal  - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Significant pressure is being applied to Manchester City in two separate charges from the FA and UEFA.

The FA charge pertains specifically to how the club failed to follow strict reporting on players’ whereabouts in conjunction with anti-doping rule which. It is believed that this was the club’s “third strike” with the offense. A giant fine is nearly inevitable.

It’s not hard to imagine that City’s wealth, with the support of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, can sustain a fine from the FA, but the larger ethical implications justify closer scrutiny. So far, the club has refused to comment on the accusation.

In what could be completely unrelated events, Samir Nasri managed to find the spotlight again recently with a “twitter hack” that devolved quickly from thanking an Los Angeles-based IV treatment center to implications of sexual activity. A few days later, an investigation was announced regarding the IV treatment, thankfully leaving all other details to gossip.

Returning to the more pertinent organizational troubles, UEFA’s critique of excessive wealth is just another cloud to dampen the Sky Blues. Financial standards have troubled the club in the past but, again, thanks to the influence of Sheikh Mansour and the general structure of the City Football Group, they have managed to maintain a strong economic profile.

Stuart Brennan, who reported on both charges for the Manchester Evening News, said that the governing body is rumored to be looking at ways of evening the financial playing field as teams like City dominate commercial revenue and inflate wages.

It is likely that City’s profits will allow them to cope with any restrictions. The club has been silent on the matter.