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Manchester City's David Silva feels no pressure

The veteran Spanish midfielder avoids obsessing on achievements by leading club and country with passion and experience.

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Manchester City v Arsenal  - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Unity and motivation are the most important elements to David Silva in his participation with Manchester City and the Spanish national team, according to an interview where he shrugged off the immense pressure that can rattle the world’s greatest.

He was quoted in 2015, saying, “I would see it as a failure [if I don’t win the Champions League at City]. It is the one thing I want and one day I hope to win it.”

But recent remarks show a more nuanced perspective with clear appreciation for “the eternity” that he’s spent in England. In the British world of “vibrant and very demanding football,” the Spaniard has been able to carve a niche for himself as a central character in the City Project.

He now operates in the center of a relatively well-stocked roster that seeks to realize their latent prowess on the attack. Many have doubts about the “small, dusty, very expansive” roster at City. Those doubts, however, are erased when Silva, Kevin De Bruyne and others link up like flashes of lightning.

After the 5-0 FA Cup win against West Ham United, Silva said, "It was a good game to start the cup. I am happy. I felt good on the pitch, we are excited about the competition and aim to win it. We had time to rest but were away from home against a difficult team. We want to win the cup."

The Spanish captain’s attitude and performance quality is crucial to the Sky Blues’ approach as Pep Guardiola continues to see the team through what could be the final phase of a long transition. His attitude in the media reflects the confidence of Guardiola, along with the manager’s recognition of how difficult it will be to win the Champions League.

Silva's cool, collected mentality will be an asset on and off the pitch as City chase their dreams and hone their style this season.