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WATCH: Michael Owen scores a legendary Manchester Derby goal in Fergie Time

This is painful to watch, but it's a great moment

September 20, 2009. Barclays Premier League. Manchester United vs Manchester City. Old Trafford. After goals from Wayne Rooney, Darren Fletcher (2), Gareth Barry and Craig Bellamy (2), one of the best games in the recent history of the Manchester Derby was headed to a simply fantastic 3-3 draw between two great sides.

Then Fergie Time happened, and Michael Owen did this:

This is one of the most painful goals ever conceded by Manchester City, especially in a Derby. The game was simply spectacular and Alex Ferguson once again found a way to win a legendary match in the final seconds of extra-time, which is annoyingly amazing. Even if you're a City fan, you just cannot forget this moment, and the celebration is truly unforgettable.

To be fair, United probably deserved to win this given how well they played, and this was one of the first games played by United after Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Real Madrid just two months earlier. It was a Derby against a dangerous City side, the game was awesome and had a great moment to close it.

Maybe Saturday will be just as good. Maybe.