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WATCH: David Silva scores his second for Spain against Liechtenstein

He can't stop won't stop!

We all know that David Silva is one of the best playmakers in football, and very few players are as good as the Magician in setting up others for goals, and he's been doing it for years at Manchester City.

But Silva isn't know for scoring a lot, which is why it has been shocking to see the Spaniard get four goals in two games for Spain in this international break. After recording a brace against Belgium, David got another brace in the World Cup Qualifying game against Liechtenstein (which Spain won 8-0), and his second goal was a beauty:

(via Reddit Soccer)

You don't have to understand football too much to know how tough that shot is. But Silva makes it look easy, and it's not even the best part of his game. Yeah, he's good at football.