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Guardiola remains patient, awaits "perfect tests" before bringing Vincent Kompany back

The captain will not be rushed back into the team

Manchester City Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Vincent Kompany used to be one of the best defenders on Earth before the injury plague hit him and caused him to miss an unbelievable number of games for Manchester City and Belgium over the last three seasons.

The frustrating aspect of Kompany's injuries is how they pile up, with the captain suffering another injury in the first game after coming back from a previous physical issue. His calf was the one muscle that suffered the most, but his latest injury was a serious groin problem that required surgery and has caused him to miss the last five months of action.

Kompany is working hard to come back again, working out on the pitch with his City teammates and taking part in training matches. The reports from the latest workouts are encouraging, and it seems like the skipper could finally have a healthy season.

But his manager is very patient and cautious about Kompany's return. Pep Guardiola spoke about Vincent's injuries and especially his recovery, and the Catalan did not set any timetable for Kompany's season debut, and will wait until all the tests come back perfect and ensure both Pep and Kompany that he will be fit enough to play not just one match before going out injured again, but regularly.

The good thing, says Guardiola, is that Kompany is the ultimate professional, and will work his behind off until he's fully ready to play again, whenever that is.

“Every day Vincent is much better but still the blood tests are not perfect.

“And until the blood tests are perfect, he is not going to play with us. You have to avoid a situation where he starts he gets injured again. Ok, you have to accept the injury if it’s because of football, but not for the reasons that have happened to Vincent in the last three years.

“He has missed a lot of games. It is important for us because he is good. He had something in his muscle that was not right. In the right moment, he is going to tell us the muscle is okay.

“I am surprised by how much Vincent is a fighter. He is working morning and afternoon. He is a big professional so in that sense I don’t panic.”

Source: Mirror