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Pep Guardiola Press Conference: Swansea team news, League Cup priority, young players

The Manchester City boss spoke to the press ahead of the EFL Cup opener

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Manchester City v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola spoke to the press to preview the League Cup opener against Swansea City at Liberty Stadium on Wednesday, and as usual he also had to answer questions about other topics. Here's a round-up of Pep's quotes:

Swansea team news

“Kompany has a chance, but Yaya not ready yet."

On whether the EFL Cup is a priority

“We are going to try and win this competition – we will play some players who don’t have the opportunity to play that often but we will be trying to win.

“You don’t have to guess to know which titles are our priorities but we want to win this is an official game for Manchester City and we will prepare as normal and try to win this game.

On giving chances to young players

"I know the players, tomorrow won’t change my thinking as I know what they can do already. Brahim Diaz will travel and several others. When you are young you don’t need encouragement - we are here for them and if they are good enough, they will play.

“We have many great young players here at Manchester City and that is a big compliment to everyone at the Club and we will follow the progress of players like Bersant Celina and many others over the next season."

On the perfect record and media praise

“I’m happy people are saying positive things about my team but that’s not happening because of me it is what my players are doing but I know we cannot win all our games and that we will lose eventually. I know this because that is how football works and it is impossible to win all the time."

On Yaya Touré's agent

“It was difficult to leave Yaya out of Champions League squad – so difficult - but the day after his agent spoke, he was out. If he apologises to the Club, then fine."

On staying in Wales for the Swansea double-header

“We are playing Weds and Sat and will finish late Weds so I prefer to stay in Wales and prepare for the game on Saturday there because we have a huge Champions League game against Celtic the week after.”