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WATCH: Gabriel Jesus scores two amazing goals in Brazil senior debut

This kid is truly special. Truly special.

Gabriel Jesus will not join Manchester City until January, but that doesn't mean we can't be excited for the kid already.

The 19-year-old striker made his senior debut for Brazil in a giant World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador away from home. The Seleção hadn't beaten Ecuador away in almost 30 years and were obligated to win despite the bad record in this game, but the Brazilians went and won 3-0 in dominant fashion.

After Neymar opened the scoring with a penalty-kick goal, Gabriel Jesus took over. First, he scored a brilliantly smart goal by doing a little flick with the outside of his right foot to score his first ever senior goal for Brazil.

(via Reddit Soccer)

But Jesus wasn't done, and in a counter-attack five minutes later, he ended the game with a fantastic finish to the top corner to complete a debut brace:

(via Reddit Soccer)

Remember: Gabriel Jesus is nineteen years old. NINETEEN. YEARS. OLD. This kid is truly special.