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Pep Guardiola Press Conference: Bournemouth preview, David Silva injury, Gundogan status, Kompany return

The Catalan manager gave another great press conference

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Manchester City FC v VfL Borussia Moenchengladbach - UEFA Champions League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola spoke to the press on Friday to preview the Premier League clash with AFC Bournemouth, which takes place Saturday at Etihad Stadium. The Catalan gave another great press conference, discussing many topics and always showing why he's so good at his job.

Here's a selection of Guardiola's quotes from Friday's presser:

On David Silva's injury:

“I don’t think tomorrow will be enough. I didn’t see the doctor or David. I don’t think it’s a big, big problem but it happened two days ago so I don’t think he’ll be able to play.

“We had for the weather one more day regeneration, now we have one less but it is what it is. We have to use the players every few days.”

On Ilkay Gundogan's Bournemouth status:

“I’m thinking about it - I don’t know. He played good but we cannot forget he comes from a long-term injury. We’ll see today, we’ll talk to the doctors."

On Vincent Kompany's return:

“Vincent is close but not yet. We need him. There’s a lot of games to come. We need everybody.”

On Bournemouth:

“We worry about Bournemouth’s strikers, how they're going to play - what they're going to do. I've watched many of their games. They played really, really well against West Ham and against Manchester United - they were in the game right until Mata scored. There are many, many things I like.

“Any team can beat you - I feel that. And I’m going to feel that tomorrow. I allow myself to satisfied for an hour or two hours after a game but the day after you worry about what is going to happen.

“Tomorrow at 3pm, we start again and what we did in the past is the past - there are no guarantees to play good or win the game. That’s why this job is so beautiful.”

On never being satisfied as a manager:

“All we can do is work a lot. If they’ve learned quick, it’s because of the quality of the players. It’s only September, we can’t forget that. There’s a long time to go. Every game we can be better, every game there is a chance to improve.

“There are many things we can do better and that’s how it is.

“The trainers, when we win, after one hour, maybe three or four - we are so, so happy but then after we start to worry about the next one."

On City's medical staff and the importance of nutrition:

“I am lucky with our medical staff here - they’re very impressive. I didn’t know all of the English people here, or the Italian people before I came but they are so professional about their work - our players are in good hands.

“We try to do absolutely everything to take care of our players in terms of training and the way they eat, their food, their rest - without good vitamins, good food, good drink and good rest you cannot compete every few days over 11 months.

“It helps for them to extend their careers. When it doesn’t happen they become injured and when that happens other players take their positions.”