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BREAKING: Manchester City vs Gladbach postponed due to heavy rain

The Champions League group stage opener is not happening on Tuesday

If you were waiting for the Champions League match between Manchester City and Borussia Mönchengladbach to start, you'll have to wait a little more, because it ain't happening on Tuesday.

The match has been postponed by UEFA because of extremely heavy rain in the area around the stadium, which made the pitch conditions impossible to play football.

The first few pictures didn't look so bad:

But after this video, it was quite clear there can't be a football match played in these conditions:

UEFA officials brought a ball to the pitch to test the conditions, and the field of play was deemed not safe enough to hold a 90-minute match, and the postponement was announced 20 minutes before kickoff.

There is nothing official yet in regards to when the game will be played, but initial reports say the game will be held on Wednesday night, hopefully with no rain and a dry pitch.