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Biggest Manchester Derby in Years? Probably Not

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

It’s Derby Week, and as you can imagine the hype train is LIT. Many are labeling this early season Manchester Derby as the ‘Biggest Derby in years’. On paper that may be true, but in every other way I don't think that's true. This matchup is littered with headlines. Guardiola vs. Mourinho, former friends turned rivals in the same city. Manchester City vs. Manchester United, obviously. Most expensive combined roster in football history.

With all those story lines, the question still begs to be asked; is this Manchester Derby REALLY the biggest Derby in years? Absolutely not. The timing of this match is very disappointing,it is September, week 4 of a 38-week Premier League season. Much can change from now until May, and with the home leg coming in late February, it could be that none of these Derby's will deserve that title. Both teams (believe it or not) have still yet to grasp a full understanding of their managers’ playing style. Not to mention that they are both coming off the international break and will most likely look a bit off to start.

On the managerial rivalry, the situation is much different for the pair. As much as the build has been Pep vs. Jose, Tactical flexibility vs. Result based football, etc. To their credit, they have both done their best to play down the rivalry between themselves, including rumors that Jose will invite Pep into his office for a drink afterwards (Count me in!). Contextually, it's a different league. It is more than just a two-horse race. City and United have the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and many others to fend off week-after-week then just themselves.

Playing devil's advocate to my own opinion, it is a Manchester Derby and that in itself is exciting to me and every other City/United fan across the globe. It is coming off a year of lack luster seasons for the two teams, and much less exciting Derby Days (bar the fact it's the Manchester Derby). This will be a great opportunity for either manager to have their squads make a statement to the rest of the league.

With so much hype, there is a very high chance that this game will be a disappointing 1-1 draw. No matter the score, I'll be watching the match a complete nervous wreck. So I'm pumped!