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Fernandinho talks Premier League debut, Manchester City season, Pep Guardiola

The Brazilian Beast is excited for the new campaign

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Norwich City v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

One of Manchester City's most important players is really looking forward to the new season.

Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho spoke to City's official website about the new Premier League season, the opening match against Sunderland, his expectations for the new campaign, and Pep Guardiola, of course. What is Pep asking of the team? What about playing in different positions? Will City play beautiful football?

I won't talk anymore. Take it away, Fernandinho!

“Everybody is excited to start the new season, not only our supporters but the players, too.

“We’ve worked very hard in training to find the most effective way for us to play. I think the work we’ve been doing under the new coach will be clearly visible when we play Sunderland on Saturday.

“We will aim to keep possession and use the ball well, and when we don’t have it, to fight and try to win it back in the shortest time possible and play with great intensity.

“I don’t want to make promises, but I’m certain that this will happen. We will be giving it our very best to keep on top of our game and on top of our opponents – we will be working hard all over the pitch and we have the right players up front to do the rest.”

“It’s been a great summer for me because for the first time in three years, I have enjoyed a full pre-season. I’ve trained a lot, including when I went back to Brazil, so this is a great way for me to start the new season.”

“For me, the most important thing is to be part of the starting XI so I’m happy to play in any role that is asked of me. I just want to help the team and play a part in helping us win matches.

“It’s a great experience to play in different positions and to be taught by a great coach like Pep Guardiola because I can better understand his way and style. He allows each player to explore every aspect of their game and express themselves.

“We all have a better understanding of different positions within the team and now we just can’t wait to get the season started.”