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WATCH: Sergio Agüero scores first goal of Pep Guardiola Era

It took nearly 180 minutes of football over two friendly matches in Germany and China, but the Pep Guardiola Era at Manchester City finally has a goal. And it was a beautifully worked team goal:

(via r/Soccer)

This goal has everything a Pep Guardiola side's goal needs to have: a ball being passed from one wing to another to find an open player, good off-the-ball movement to create easy passing lanes, and giving your best striker the best possible position to score a goal.

All of this happened when Angelino was found open on the left side, had support from David Silva, who had support from Aleix García for a quick, easy one-two, and then Silva gave Agüero a really easy goal. Patient use of possession to create the best possible goalscoring situation. That's how Pep Guardiola likes it.

Looks like Man City players already understand what the coach is asking.