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Manchester City vs Manchester United friendly cancelled due to weather conditions in China

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Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

So we'll really have to wait until September for a Manchester Derby.

Monday night's Champions Cup friendly between Manchester City and Manchester United was cancelled due to the extreme pitch conditions of the National Stadium in Beijing. The Chinese capital has gone through an insane last few days of rain, and the field of play is in such bad state that there would be danger to player safety if the match were to happen.

The cancellation is definitive, since both clubs have strict traveling schedules and there's no other date available to accommodate a new game. City chief executive Fernando Soriano spoke in a statement about the cancellation:

"We are very disappointed not to be able to play for our supporters here in Beijing. The players have been working hard in training to prepare for an exciting derby. We know how much everyone was looking forward to the game, but we understand that this bad weather is beyond anyone’s control, and that the rain has made it totally unsafe to play on this pitch. It has been a pleasure and an honour to experience such a warm welcome from the people and supporters here in Beijing, and we remain committed to playing here in the future."


Manchester City still have another Champions Cup friendly to be played in China before heading back home. The Citizens are scheduled to face Borussia Dortmund on Thursday morning in Shenzhen, and as of now, the match is still on as the weather looks better outside of Beijing.

City will continue training until the game against Dortmund, and then will travel back to England for two more weeks of training, a friendly against Arsenal, and the season debut in the Premier League.