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Manchester City officially launch 2016-17 away kit

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Manchester City officially unveiled on Sunday the new away kit for the 2016-17 season travels. Nike is bringing back the black and red that dominated the City away kit in the 1960s, and also added some yellow details. Every Nike club has a black kit with yellow socks this season, so it's only logical that the Sky Blues would get theirs as well.

Here's a few more techincal details on the kit, from City's website:

The 2016/17 instalment also includes a Manchester icon, with the yellow detailing referencing the worker bee, which has been synonymous with the City of Manchester since the Industrial Revolution and has featured on the city’s coat of arms since 1842.

As a nod to the bee’s eye-catching stripes, vibrant yellow detailing, including a reimagined version of the new club crest, embellish our new away kit’s distinctive black body and red shoulder and sleeves.

As with the 2016/17 home kit, the alternate also has two tributes knitted into the design: the word "City" at the back of the collar, and, on the inside of the cuffs, "Est. 1894" feature as another reminder of the club’s storied history and reference to the new badge.

This new kit represents a proud symbol of the club and has also been designed with the latest speed-enhancing Nike innovations in performance technology, fabric construction and moisture management.

The Nike kits from the last several season aren't unique. Every team has the same design with different colors. So if you don't like the kit, blame Nike. But this one is not bad. Not bad at all.