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You are going to love Pep Guardiola even more after watching him surprise a fan in a taxi

Pep Guardiola is the coolest person ever.

Not only is the best coach in the world now the manager of Manchester City, he is a truly nice guy. Unlike most coaches, Pep isn't afraid to show his face if the club's marketing department needs him to. His presentation was a big deal and it was amazing, and he was a great guy.

In the video above, you see another example of how cool Pep is. He was invited to join Les Chappy Chapman's taxi as they took some fans for a quick spin around Manchester. We've already seen some of it on Twitter, but now we get it in video.

Chappy and Guardiola take young City fan Braydon Bent on the taxi, and the kid is completely stunned to see the new coach. Pep, the nice guy that he is, answers everything with a smile, takes a selfie with the young man, and the two embrace one final time at the end of the video.

This is Pep Guardiola, y'all. So, so, so cool.