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Agüero to Retire from International Football? A Pro's and Con's list

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Following a gut-wrenchingly disappointing loss to Chile for the second straight year, and three straight runners-up medals, Messi said he was going to retire from international football. Reports are saying that following him could be a whole handful of players, including our very own Sergio Agüero.

It is not confirmed if he will or not, but there are rumors of the possibility of Agüero follow his compatriot into retirement from the national team. For me, this seems like an odd time to retire. With the names of other players expected to leave (i.e. Gonzalo Higuain), this could be an opportunity to shine for Agüero. With Higuain retired, Agüero would most likely become the focal point of Argentina’s attack and show his world class striking talent on the international football scene.

On the other hand, his retiring would mean fresher legs during the Premier League season. As someone who has struggled with nagging leg injuries for seasons now, playing less games outside of the club scene means less chance of those flare ups for Agüero. I’d personally love to see him spend less time on the training table.

In honor of Ted Mosby, I’ve put together a short pro and con list for both!



  • More chance for playing time, granted the other names quit as well
  • Shine on the international level
  • Become the new face of Argentina’s National team


  • More minutes = higher chance of injuries
  • Apart of a tumultuous time for the AFA



  • More time to focus on Manchester City, and progressing team to new heights
  • Less traveling = more time with family


  • See the pro’s of staying with the national team

How do you feel, Blues?