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WATCH: Sagna finds Griezmann with beautiful cross for France first goal against Ireland

France suffered for over an hour in their Euro 2016 Round of 16 match against Ireland at Stade de Lyon after conceding a penalty-kick goal in the first minute of the match. The Blues then started to pressure the Irish looking for an equalizer and then the winning goal to avoid a shocking upset early in the knockout rounds.

It look some time, but the French finally found a goal. And it had Manchester City written all over it.

(via r/Soccer)

That is City full-back Bacary Sagna delivering a simply perfect cross right into Antoine Griezmann, who did well to place the header into the top corner away from the keeper to tie the game for Les Bleus. Shortly after the equalizer, Griezmann would score another to complete the comeback for the hosts, who are in prime position to book a place in the quarterfinals.

Well done, Sagna! Well done, Griezmann! Well done, France!