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Vincent Kompany issues statement, announces he'll miss Euro 2016

David Ramos/Getty Images

Another injury problem for Vincent Kompany means he won't be able to participate in a huge tournament.

The City captain announced on Saturday that his latest physical issue, suffered in the return leg of the Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid, will take him out of this summer's European Championships with Belgium. Kompany hurt himself in the Spanish capital last Wednesday, and even went to Barcelona in hopes of finding a solution that would save his season.

He couldn't find it, and his summer will be spent in another long recovery. But Kompany promised to return to his best in a beautiful, heartfelt post on Facebook.

"I'll miss the Euros.

To me that's very sad news. So I could be standing here, feeling sorry for myself. I could fear for my career, as others may do. I could give up.

That is not me.

I decide on my future. There is a bigger picture to everything in life and only failing to see it, will cause me to fail.

I am a hard worker and a fighter and if you are too, then you know that, to people like us, success can come in many forms. We trust ourselves when the going gets tough.

I have the greatest respect for those who overcome their personal challenges in life with a positive attitude. I want to live up to that. So I remain calm and positive. I will continue to follow my path and I will do so with more conviction than ever.

I trust my friends and teammates to do well and do us proud at the next European Championships in France. I am now officially their most fervent supporter and I will be there to support them.

Written from my hospital bed,

Never giving up,

Vincent Kompany"

Source: Facebook