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Arsene Wenger says Arsenal's future depends on Manchester City match

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Arsenal and Manchester City face off this Sunday in a giant Premier League clash, and the Gunners' coach is not taking the game lightly.

Arsene Wenger spoke in a press conference about the game at Etihad Stadium, which has giant European implications as both teams look to secure a top-four finish and a place in the UEFA Champions League next season. Wenger's side will accomplish that with a victory against the Citizens, and the Frenchman wants that to happen.

Victory on Sunday is so important for Wenger that he says Arsenal's future hangs in the balance against City.

"Sunday’s game is still important, even if Leicester are champions today and we are second best. It is still a very important game because part of the responsibility of being professional is to prepare the future. The future of Arsenal Football Club depends on this game.

"Our target now is to secure a position in the Champions League next year. If possible, to get second place or at least secure third place. On Sunday we can achieve that. We still have two games, and if we win those two games we will be alright."