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Real Madrid 1-0 Manchester City, 2016 Champions League: 3 Things We Learned

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City is out of the Champions League, with the European dream ending in a painful 1-0 semifinal aggregate loss to Real Madrid, thanks to a lone goal from Gareth Bale. As we're still drunk in sadness, here's a few lessons from what went down in the semifinal.

1. Real Madrid is just better

Tactically speaking, this was a horrible tie. Both teams played basic football and both managers lacked ideas to overcome the other. Madrid attacked like they use to attack, and City defended and (kind of) counter-attacked like they use to. With no creativity from the sidelines, it was up to the stars on the pitch to change things. And Madrid has more stars, and they decided the game. Toni Kroos and Luka Modric destroyed City's midfield, and Bale was just too good to be stopped without Kompany. Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't at his best, but he wasn't really missed. After two very, very boring football matches, there were no surprises: the more talented team won.

2. Manuel Pellegrini's end is sad

The Chilean could have pulled off a Jupp Heynckes and hand the job over to Pep Guardiola with three titles. But he decided to punt the FA Cup and the Premier League to focus on the Champions League, and now all trophies are gone, expect for a League Cup that doesn't really make this a good season. More money was spent and Pellegrini had an even better squad to work with, and he couldn't do anything special with it. His great discovery this season was to defend and counter-attack against the big teams, but Leicester City did that and won the league with a much less talented squad than Manchester City's. Manuel was bad, and did nothing to make us feel bad for his departure. It's pretty much a necessity right now. He is good, just not Pep.

3. Yaya Touré's end is embarrassing

I know he came back from injury, but Touré was disgusting at the Bernabéu. He wants to leave, I get it, but at least try a little. If you're not staying, give us a reason to miss you. You didn't. All season.

Bye, Yaya. Thanks for the memories. Not this one, though.