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New Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti says Pep Guardiola will change Manchester City

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

The man who will succeed Pep Guardiola in Germany is confident he will do a great job in England.

New Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti spoke in an interview about his expectations for Guardiola's new assignment, Manchester City. The Catalan will take over in five weeks, and the Italian has no doubts that Pep can have the same success in implementing his philosophy as he did at Barcelona and Bayern in the past.

"Every manager brings his style, his methodology and Guardiola will do the same.

When Guardiola left Barcelona, people said, ‘Ah he is not able to repeat the same style of play at Bayern Munich because he doesn’t have Messi.’ But by the end Bayern were playing with the same style as Barcelona. Different players, but the style is there.

"It will be the same at Manchester City. They will play with possession and control of the game. Guardiola for this reason is a fantastic manager because he is able to build a really strong identity of his team.

"I think Manchester City signed Guardiola for this reason, to establish a new identity, a new style, a new culture. At the end Manchester City is a young team, it is not a team with the tradition of Manchester United or Arsenal."

Source: Manchester Evening News