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Sergio Agüero is learning about Pep Guardiola with help from Lionel Messi

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As Pep Guardiola is getting ready to join Manchester City, the team's biggest star is getting some advice from former Guardiola stars.

Sergio Agüero revealed in an interview that he spoke to Barcelona superstar and Argentina national teammate Lionel Messi to learning some things about the Catalan coach, who worked with Messi and helped turn Leo into the best player in the world during Pep's four-year managerial career with Barça.

Agüero can't wait to meet Pep, and already expects a change in attitude with the new coach.

“Leo has told me he is very impressive and other players with whom I have spoken have said the same.

“I don't know him personally so we'll see after Copa America what is going to happen. I will get to know him and he will push us all.

“I think he is a coach who will put a lot of pressure on the players and we need that. I think the arrival of him not just for me but for other players will be important for club.

“There is a reason that the club invests in important players and then a coach is very important.

“We hope that Pep adapts to the club and decides how we are going to play. But it is fundamental that next year we advance a bit more."

Source: Manchester Evening News