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Mikel Arteta Retires From Football - City Coaching Staff Next?

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Arsenal Captain Mikel Arteta who has had an injury plagued 2015-16 season  more or less announced his retirement from football on Sunday. after the Gunners 4-0 win over relegated Aston Villa.

Arteta spoke of his looming opportunities including the possibility of joining Manchester City's coaching staff:

"It is very unusual to have opportunities at this level. As well, that made me think it was probably time (to retire) and the way I have been watching football in the last few months — or probably over a year — it was not as a player, it was more as a coach. Then you have to think about it," said Arteta, who started at Barcelona before moving to Rangers and then Real Sociedad.

"I have been left the door very open (at Arsenal) and I may have to make a decision. I don't want to say clubs but I have three very different options and I am very proud because it is not common."

Arteta would bring a comfortable perspective if he were to join Pep Guardiola's coaching team at the Etihad. A veteran of English football who like Guardiola began his playing career at FC Barcelona. Arteta has spent the last fourteen seasons in the British isles, the bulk of which were at Everton, a club with a similar vibe and culture to Manchester City.

Would you like to see Arteta on the Blues staff next season?