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Manuel Pellegrini claims he was the best manager in Premier League during Manchester City career

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Manuel Pellegrini is set for his last match as Manchester City manager. And he is very please with his own work.

The Chilean spoke in a press conference ahead of the last fixture of the Premier League against Swansea City, a game the Citizens have to win to clinch a place in next season's Champions League. Pellegrini will leave the club after the game, with Pep Guardiola coming in to take over his place. Before he goes, however, Manuel wants you to know he has done a great job as the City coach.

In fact, he will tell you no other Premier League manager has been better than him.

"I always think we can do it better, but the important thing is also to compare with all the other teams.

"If you make a summary of the three seasons I was in charge here, we were the team that had the most points, the team that had the best performance from a manager.

"We are also the team that in each of the three seasons scored the most goals - the only thing we couldn’t have the best was our defense. That was Chelsea, who conceded just four goals less than our teams.

"The goal difference is huge compared to all the other teams.

"It is very important to be the highest scoring team over the three seasons, and to always be in the Champions League, and win three titles.

"I’m happy but you must always think you can do it better."

Source: Manchester Evening News