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Aymeric Laporte teammate talks Manchester City rumors: "I trust he will continue" at Athletic Bilbao

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

One of Manchester City's biggest summer targets might not be leaving his club after all.

Athletic Bilbao defender Aymeric Laporte, who has been heavily linked with City as Pep Guardiola's main target for his defense next season, is currently recovering from a leg injury and remains uncertain about his future. However, one of Laporte's teammates, midfielder Mikel San José, gave an interview to Basque media about the situation of the young Frenchman.

And according to San José, Laporte is very happy in his current club, and even though the Premier League links are strong and difficult to reject, the promising defender is not looking to depart from Athletic this summer.

"I am confident that he will continue with us. A league like the Premier League is always making very high transfers and you never know, but I think [Aymeric] is very focused and very happy here.

"If I have to say something, I trust he will continue with us. He knows he's at a great club, in a great locker room and a great city to grow. In that sense, I'm calm."

Source: Onda Vasca via Manchester Evening News