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Zinedine Zidane talks Real Madrid's winning mentality, Benzema and Ronaldo status, Manchester City semifinal

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

A football legend is ready for the first Champions League semifinal of his coaching career, and he is anticipating a very difficult match.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press ahead of Tuesday's Final Four game against Manchester City, and the Frenchman gave updates on the status of his two biggest stars, analyzed the opposition and shared his plans to stop City's most dangerous players.

"The idea is that we want Karim [Benzema] and Cristiano [Ronaldo] to play. We have the last training session now and we’ll see. I think they’ll be fine but we’ll test everything. They’re fine today – they’re players who look after themselves physically, 100%. I think they’ll be fine to play.

"Our plan is to go out, to try and score and to win - that's always our mentality. The opponent is a great side – if you leave City space they can hurt you. The players get between the lines and cause you problems. We will try to stop that happening. Then, when we’ve got the ball we want to express ourselves. That’s the plan.

"Plan to stop [Kevin] De Bruyne? We’ll try to do that. We now he’s a top player in good form. When he arrived in this team he showed what a quality player he is. He links very well with [Sergio] Agüero, we’ll see what happens tomorrow – we’ll try to be play him as well as we can. We’ll do the best we possibly can here in this ground. City will put us under pressure and make things hard for us but we’re ready for that."