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Vincent Kompany reveals new strategy to avoid injuries

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Vincent Kompany is back from injury, and he has found a way to avoid them.

The Manchester City defender returned to action on Tuesday's draw at St. James' Park against Newcastle, and after missing most of the season with a recurring calf problem, Kompany was able to complete a full 90 minutes of intense, competitive Premier League football without any issues.

The ones who paid close attention to the Belgian saw that he was wearing his socks lower than usual, a habit that quite a few footballers have today. Some do it for fashion, but others, like Kompany, have a good reason.

"I was just trying to release a little bit of the pressure. But I have had to strengthen them a little bit so the socks feel quite tight now!"

Kompany, source: Sky Sports via Manchester Evening News

For those wondering, yes, Kompany just said his calves are bigger.

Beyond revealing his injury prevention method, the City skipper also shared his feelings after coming back from a long layoff.

"Other than that, I am just a player like another now. I am back and just happy to play football, enjoying every single minute.

"The hardest part of coming back from injury is getting back to the level of the Premier League.

"I felt pretty comfortable but every ex-professional will know that the more games you play the better you feel.

"One of the things I have learned to do is that when I do have an injury, you come back and try to slot in as easily as you can. For that reason it has been overall a positive day but a lot depends on the result we have at the weekend."

Welcome back, Vinny.