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Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini says "team is focused" on "dangerous" Newcastle

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

While Manchester City are big favorites to win their Premier League match against Newcastle on Tuesday, the boss is not taking the game for granted.

Manuel Pellegrini spoke to the press ahead of the match at St. James' Park, a vital fixture for both teams' objectives for the league. With a fourth straight win, City can establish themselves as a top-three team, while a victory for the Magpies could be a turning point in their relegation battle.

The Chilean is expecting a tough match because of the stakes involved, and wants his men to display the same attitude from the previous matches in what promises to be a feisty game against a desperate side.

"The team are just focused on what we need to do. We need a Champions League spot for next season, and to focus on Real in the semi final.

"Newcastle are very dangerous, they have good players, St James’ is difficult place to play. They need the points in their survival battle. I hope we continue as we did on Saturday, being aggressive and trying to win from the beginning.

"It’s not depending on what Newcastle can do. We must continue the way we played on Saturday, solid, keeping a clean sheet and scoring goals. If we continue like that it doesn’t matter who we play."

Source: MCFC