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Finishing Third Would be a Like a Trophy for Manchester City

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

This has been a strange Premier League season. One which the established top sides have all faltered, some like Chelsea worse than others. But Manchester City have the opportunity to end up at the top of the heap of "insiders" in the Premier League and resign Arsenal to yet another 4th place finish. It is an opportunity the Blues must seize.

Full credit must go to the outsiders this season - Leicester City and Spurs who are fighting for the League crown and West Ham United who if they had gotten the rub of the green probably would have secured a top four finish. But among the genuine powers in this division Manchester City can still finish tops and win an unofficial trophy.

Having now won four successive games in all competitions after the historic 3-0 victory at Stamford Bridge, the Blues have the opportunity to prove that despite the coaching tumult and a season of underwhelming performances that they are still the top team in England. Finishing ahead of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea in a Premier League season for the 3rd time in five years while advancing to the UEFA Champions League semifinals would prove that point.

The Blues control their own destiny in the league as far as attempting to finish 3rd.

So all is left to play for in the league and of course in Europe. Blues fans should be fired up, because after all if Arsene Wenger can claim 4th place is trophy, we can take the liberty to say 3rd is an ever greater prize in this oddest of Premier League seasons.