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Chelsea vs Manchester City, Recap & Reactions (2016 Premier League): 3 Things We Learned

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Manchester City have all of a sudden built a five-game unbeaten streak, including three consecutive Premier League victories for the first time in eight months, with a sensational 3-0 away victory against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Here is a few takeaways from what we saw on Saturday.

1. Sergio Agüero is not fair

We all know how good he is, but what the Argentinean did this weekend was just insane. His movement was spot on, he was involved in the passing when the team had possession, and his shooting was otherworldly. All of his four attempts were on target, and three of them found the back of the net. We saw Agüero at his finest, a striker who needs very few chances to get a goal. With 99 Premier League goals already in his career, Kun shows he is there at the top of the mountain. Maybe alone.

2. Run, City, Run!

This will all be out the window in no more than two months, but it took a while for Manuel Pellegrini to finally allow this team to play at its most comfortable state: counter-attacking football. City's performance at Stamford Bridge, along with the one at Parc des Princes two weeks ago, provide the blueprint of what makes this current squad work. Playing a more direct style, unleashing the speedsters onto hopeless defenders is the perfect fit for what we have now on the team. Plus, passing masters like Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva can also run with the ball and find perfect passes on the counter, and that reaps great results.

When Pep Guardiola gets the job, counter-attacking City will not be a thing anymore, because of his philosophy and the specific nuances of the squad the puts together. But boy, is this team fun to watch right now.

3. Nasri's Farewell is going well

Samir will probably be the first man out of the door with Pep's arrival, and the end of his City career was shaping up to be a sad one, with a lot of injuries and very few minutes on the pitch. But he was finally able to put together a string of games, scored against West Bromwich last week and had a great performance against Chelsea. He was consistently helping at the back and was involved in many counter-attacks, and he capped it all off with a perfect assist to one of Agüero's goals. Nasri will be missed, but he is saying goodbye with dignity.