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Reports: Pep Wants Everyone in Sight

Lars Baron/Getty Images

During silly season you expect the sort of reports we've seen in the last few weeks regarding transfers. From various reports Pep Guardiola wants just about every footballer you have ever heard of who does not currently lace up for Manchester City on the squad next season.

Maybe it is John Stones at Everton who wasn't cold to Chelsea last season?

What about Aymeric Laporte at Athletic Bilbao?

How about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin whose career seems to have stalled due to injuries at typical Arsenal regression?

Or maybe a deal is already done for German International holding midfielder Iklay Gundogan who is finally fit again this season and performing at a very high level for Borussia Dortmund?

I understand the desire of some Blues fans to look toward next year since the awkwardness of the current managerial transition is making it difficult for some to focus on what is directly ahead of the club. But many journalists don't have to play the same game, particularly during the most important period of the domestic and European campaigns for the club.

I have no doubt that each and everyone of these rumors which are getting intense coverage has an unsettling effect on certain players within the City squad. It's simple for us on the outside to lament the inconsistency demonstrated by the Blues players this season and also to blame coaching for the failure to fire on all cylinders since September. But each of these rumors, beginning with the constant Guardiola speculation and since his appointment for next season the player discussions have an impact on that transpires on the pitch.

Perhaps it is a reflection of what drives the media these days, but transfer stories in March seem to be getting more play around our club than actual football stories. That's something that really needs to be discussed irrespective or your perspective on both.