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Sir Alex Ferguson on Pep Guardiola Appointment - "A Real Coup."

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Sir Alex Ferguson lost two UEFA Champions League finals to Pep Guardiola. The Former Manchester United boss described the Spaniard's appointment at the Etihad as  ""a real coup" for the Red Devils local rivals but sounded an alarm about English football and the adjustment to it in speaking to Sky Sports.

"Without question Pep has got a fantastic work ethic about him, he demands that from all of his training sessions,"

"Anyone who thinks they're not going to work hard at City won't last long. He has got great coaching ability, there is no doubt about that.

"Man City have made a real coup in getting him but Pep won't find it easy, English football is not easy.

"Every foreign coach that has come to England will tell you that. Arsene Wenger was talking about that a few months after coming and even Jose Mourinho realised after his first season that what he achieved was hard work."

Ferguson no doubt would have loved to have seen Guardiola take the reigns at Old Trafford but instead will have to marvel with envy at City.