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Hart and Sterling Out 3-4 Weeks

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The Manchester Derby disaster coming right before an international break might be good news for the Blues. Both Raheen Sterling and Joe Hart are out for 3-4 weeks but those injuries might impact England who had called both players up for this week's pre European Championships friendlies more than Manchester City.

Manager Manuel Pellegrini confirmed both injuries:

"Both of them have muscle injuries - Raheem in his groin; Joe in his calf.

"I don't think muscle injuries can heal in one week. They normally need three or four weeks."

Both players were injured during the course of the first 50 minutes of action Sunday, forcing Pellegrini into making two early and unplanned substitutions. In fairness, the replacement of Sterling with Fernando gave the Blues more midfield solidity after 25 minutes or so of being completely overrun in the middle of the park. The additional central midfielder forced Manchester United's Jesse Lingard who was playing out of position to take his defensive responsibilities more seriously and he proved to be less of a problem going forward after that.

Nonetheless, the Blues lost both Sterling and Hart and now face an agonizing dilemma if both are unable to face PSG in the UEFA Champions League.