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Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City: Sorry Blues Trounced at Anfield

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It was a game the Blues had to win to make up ground on the top-of-table duo of Leicester City and Spurs However, once again Manchester City were incapable of making a mark at Anfield, being run off the pitch in a humiliating performance.

The lack of creativity in this side that is lacking Kevin De Bruyne and Samir Nasri is evident in just about every match. Add to that the absence of Yaya Toure tonight and the Blues were easily overrun in midfield. Despite the denunciations of "lazy Toure" by many fans and even some in the media, missing Toure leaves the Blues midfield wide open particularly since Fabian Delph is also out injured.

The midfield movement was poor today and the failure to track runners ultimately led to defensive mistakes. Adam Lallana's opener was created by the poor midfield positioning of Fernando and Fernandinho. James Milner's second goal happened after another defensive breakdown. After Fernandinho was withdrawn, the Blues were open the entire second half.

The Blues now sit TEN points behind table-topping Leicester City with a match in hand. Much more on this poor performance later on Bitter and Blue.