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Premier League Title Remains Realistic - Pellegrini

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Blues Manager Manuel Pellegrini believes Manchester City can rescue a nine-point deficit (with a match in hand) from leaders Leicester City in the Premier League.

Pellegrini stated:

"If we are nine points behind the leader the range of error is less. If the maths say you can do it, you must always trust you can do it. I am sure our team will continue growing from now until the end of the season.

"When you have experience, it's easier. When you see what happens over the seasons, you must trust. I remember two years before I arrived, when City won the title with Mancini, weren't we eight points behind United? Anything can happen."

On Vincent Kompany's leadership and his magnanimous gesture toward Liverpool players following the penalty shootout:

"I think when you are captain, you have important things to do as a leader," he said. "I'm very glad of the reaction of Kompany to go over to the Liverpool players.
"We said before the game it's beautiful to win a final but hard to lose. The difference between winning and losing is so slight."