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Manchester City 1-3 Leicester City: Player Ratings

Report cards for City's players after falling to the league leaders.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Joe Hart (7.0): Jamie Vardy will look back at this game film and wonder how he did not get on the score sheet. Hart came up big and did his part in this game, but there was not much he could have done on the first two goals. Leicester's third goal, a header by Robert Huth, was the softest, but faulting the netminder is tough as he was not the biggest culprit on the play.

Pablo Zabaleta (6.5): Last time around, it was Bacary Sagna who started at right-back against Leicester. Sagna was a rock in that 0-0 draw, but Zabaleta was inserted into the starting XI for this fixture. He logged good mileage, but his crosses were not the best and his right flank was exploited on some occasions. Still, he was decent at the back on a day when his team really struggled.

Nicolas Otamendi (5.5): Vardy is a menacing forward. Otamendi is a developing defender. The matchup was not a particularly pleasant sight for the home supporters. It is worth noting that when City traveled to King Power Stadium and drew Leicester, Otamendi played alongside Eliaquim Mangala. Both Otamendi and Mangala were stout in that December clash, so this was clearly a different story.

Martin Demichelis (5.0): His marking was highly suspect, and Leicester made City pay a hefty price. Two of the goals were byproducts of loose tracking inside the area, while the veteran center-back was turned inside-out by Mahrez on the other goal.

Aleksandar Kolarov (5.0): It was a rough day from outset for the left-back. He fouled Riyah Mahrez on the edge of the area, and the visitors scored the opener on the ensuing free kick. Mahrez was too quick, and Kolarov had a long day at the back. At the other end of the pitch, his deliveries were far from spectacular.

Fabian Delph (5.5): Delph played on the wing, which was a bit strange seeing as he can be very productive in central midfield. He was unable to really challenge the Foxes' defense.

Fernandinho (6.5): The midfield was obviously a mess in this game. Naturally, Fernandinho's tactical savvy did not look great in this game because City were reeling. He did well to keep the midfield somewhat intact while everything came crashing down.

David Silva (6.5): He was roaming about early on and looked a threat. But as the match wore on, he faded out of the game. A great deal of credit must be given to the Leicester defense and midfield for limiting the Spaniard's impact on the game.

Yaya Toure (5.0): He was not feeling it. He was not dominating. The beast in midfield played a wildly mediocre game and could not get it going with or without the ball.

Raheem Sterling (6.5): His volume of touches was not directly proportional to his impact on the game. He worked and worked, but the opposition's defense was airtight. Sterling's pace is mesmerizing, but his composure around goal is still improving.

Sergio Aguero (7.0): He stole a goal late on, but it was nothing more than him just padding his stats. The game had been over for quite some time. Though Leicester played with excellent discipline on defense, City's attacking prowess was obviously underwhelming in this game. Aguero looked like the biggest threat to score, and he did so despite the lopsided scoreline (and potentially being offside on the goal).


Fernando (6.0): He may not be the most potent scorer, but he was able to provide some relief in midfield.

Kelechi Iheanacho (6.0): The scoreline hurt his ability to impact the game. Leicester had a comfy lead and did not need to throw bodies forward by the time Iheanacho came on in the 52nd minute.

Bersant Celina (6.0): He was not going to enter the game and score three goals to bring City level, but his cross to Aguero was a beauty. Short but sweet performance from the youngster.