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Manchester City 1-3 Leicester City: Pellegrini's Reaction

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City were well-beaten on Saturday afternoon at The Etihad by league-leaders Leicester City 3-1. In the past Blues Manager Manuel Pellegrini has been known to make excuses after such loses but he offered no such explanation today.

"I don't think it's fair to make excuses.

"A lot of things went wrong. We played against a very good team.

"It's fair to give them the merit they have, they're playing well in a good moment. After that, we defended very bad. Especially to concede two goals from set pieces.

"On top of that, with a lot of possession, we didn't create enough.

"I think we didn't defend well because they had other chances. I don't complain about one action of the game. I just complain about the way we played today.

"We had a chance to recover points at home, now we're six points behind Leicester. Now we have 39 points more to play for. We must focus game by game and try to beat Spurs here. We will also see what happens between Arsenal and Leicester. So many things can happen.

"Of course though, this was a defeat we didn't expect."