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Pellegrini Hails Leicester City Success

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City Manager Manuel Pellegrini hailed table-topping Leicester City who the Blues face tomorrow in the early kickoff. The winner will go top of the table. However Pellegrini rightly states the game is not decisive as lots of football remains to be played after tomorrow.

"They have a very good squad with not many players injured. They play with the same team every week. They have less games than other teams but I think the merit of the squad is very important.

"In football, not only finances make the difference - of course you must buy players to win the title but I always said the big teams but every year there's a surprise. Leicester are all thinking and doing the same thing at right moment. That can equalise the finances.

"I don't know if you can compare but what we did at Villarreal was similar. We reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and finished second in the league.

"Maybe it's not a team with a lot of possession but they defend very well with a lot of concentration and they counter-attack with a lot of speed. If you have the commitment of the players as a manager, that's the most important thing.

"It's not the biggest game of the season so far- we can win or lose this game and the Premier League will not end here. We have 39 more points to fight for. You cannot think you're champion if you win and if you lose, there are lots more points.

"It's a good game, a big game but not decisive."