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Pellegrini Addresses Pep Situation

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Manchester City Manager Manuel Pellegrini who will be replaced at the end of the season inspite of winning the Premier League title two seasons ago addressed the situation today:

"It's not a relief - it's important for everyone to know that I know what was happening and that no-one was doing anything behind my back," Pellegrini said.

"It's important to talk about this season and not the next one. I'm not talking about those things - we just talk about the present. Just ask me about the team and the game.

"The players must always think about the next game as it's the only way to be successful. With or without the news, things in football change so quickly.

"It's the same at every club - the players must know that they must win the next game and that's why we're just thinking about Leicester.

"Very happy with the support from fans - not just because they knew what happens next season but for the whole two and a half seasons but because we play good football and challenge for titles, always trying to be a scoring team."