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#CityatWembley - Beating Liverpool More Special?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Have your say Bitter and Blue readers!

While the most incredible Wembley victory of the current era of Manchester City was probably the 1-0 FA Cup Semifinal win over Manchester United and the 2-1 win in the same spot two years later over Chelsea felt special as well, outlasting Liverpool in a final  (though it should be noted not officially beating them) is probably the greatest Wembley moment for the Blues since the 1976 Dennis Tueart overhead kick against Newcastle or maybe the Neil Young goal in 1969 against Leicester. Why?

It was a final and Liverpool is no offense not Stoke or Sunderland. No disrespect intended toward either of those two clubs who have established themselves in recent years as top-flight sides. But Liverpool remains in this and every era the club of clubs in English football, a team whose support among the media and neutrals as well fans yearning to be authentic abroad sets them apart. I will readily admit I was traveling yesterday and had we been facing any other side I would have gladly found a pub and watched the match. But since we were facing Liverpool and every pub I know of in Florida, regardless of part of the state is always crawling with Reds supporters, I opted to nervously follow the match on my journey via MCFC's official text commentary.

That affirmed that ousting Liverpool at Wembley is unlike any other experience in English football. What do our readers think?