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From Tueart to Today - League Cup Final in Blues Verse

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Forty years ago today
Blue fans walked down Wembley Way
To see a trophy, City would lift,
Thanks to a Tueart overhead kick.

Fast forward to 2016,
Pellegrini, Aguero and Raheem.
Gave Blues fans hope once more,
Another trophy comes through our door

Fernandinho scored, gave us the lead,
Penalty shout, Oliver disagreed.
Sterling chances, missing twice,
Jurgen Klopp rolls the dice.

No more subs, all on the pitch,
Attack once more, effort last ditch.
Coutinho scores ties the game,
Less than eight minutes remain.

Extra time, sides still together,
Goes to penalties, pressure weathered.
Up steps Can, knows where to go,
We strike the post, Fernandinho!

But in our squad, an unlikely hero,
In the guise of Caballero.
Penalty saves one, two, three,
Gives a lift to Man City.

Navas, Aguero give us the lead,
Yaya steps up and makes it three.
No more to play, time is up,
Manchester City have won the cup!