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#CityatWembley - Willy Caballero Seeks "Proudest Moment" at Wembley

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Manchester City goalkeeper Willy Caballero has played every minute of this season's League Cup run to the final and could enjoy his career "proudest moment" with a Cup Final victory on Sunday.

Caballero said:

"Without a doubt, this will be the proudest moment of my career and I will be do everything I can to help us win this game.

"We can think about the 4-1 defeat against Liverpool and try to take revenge but this a final and a one-off game," "It's worth remembering we didn't play well at all that night and that we played badly - it was a bad day at the office.

"But as I say, it doesn't matter what happened earlier in the season, only what happens on Sunday and we can't worry about what sort of form they arrive in - only how we perform and have prepared for this game. That's what matters the most."

"We are ready for the high press from Liverpool and we are aware they have some great players." (Liverpool was able to effectively press City in the 4-1 victory in November.)

"But we are working on ways of dealing with anything they can throw at us and know how we want to approach this game.

"This is a new opportunity to show that we are better team than them and we are determined and focus to win this competition."