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#CityatWembley - Fernando Ready for League Cup Final Challenge

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Manchester City defensive midfielder Fernando wasn't on the Blues the last time the club won a major trophy. But he knows all about cup finals from his previous stints outside of England and understands the significance of facing Liverpool in a Wembley clash.

"They are actually a great team, with awesome players,"

"With Jurgen Klopp they improved a lot and we know that, but we also know our qualities and the players we have and we are planning to go there and focus only on us.

"We know we will face a powerful team, but we will do our jobs. I know that if we do it well, we will win.

"We are going for the victory. We never want to lose, unfortunately we lost the first game against them, but we have learnt a lot from that defeat. That won't happen this time because we will be fully concentrated.""It was a match where I was able to help my team," said Fernando, reflecting on his performance against Kyiv. "But I hope I won't stop here. I hope to contribute a lot more.

"We are well and preparing for this game against a great team, but everyone is focus and we hoping to get there, deliver a great performance and bring the trophy.

"I am very well and focused. It's a great final and we know how important it's for our club, to win it, therefore we will work a lot in order to do it.

"It's a great sensation (to play at Wembley). It has a mystique about it, it's huge and beautiful. Playing a final is always a big motivation, even more in a stadium like Wembley. I hope we can go there and leave with the victory."