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Pellegrini: Squad Selection Will be Different Wednesday

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Manchester City Manager Manuel Pellegrini has been widely criticized for his squad selection against Chelsea at the weekend in the FA Cup. Pellegrini cited injuries and the lack of squad depth as a rationale for his decision but today in Kyiv, the Blues Manager assured the media that Wednesday's UEFA Champions League clash with

"We had to make a difficult decision against Chelsea but it was the only choice we could make in this moment. We had just 13 players so it was our intention to continue in all competitions and we couldn't do that.

"This is absolutely different - we will try to continue knowing we have a difficult game tomorrow."

"The important thing is the performance of our important players tomorrow. It's the first 90 minutes of a 180 minute match, no matter what happens, it's not over tomorrow"

The Blues lost the last trip to Kiev in 2011 during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16.