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Pellegrini and Kompany Urge Resolve in Title Chase

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Manuel Pellegrini and Captain Vincent Kompany urged Manchester City show resolve in the Premier League title race despite the Blues sitting 4th in the table six points adrift from leaders Leicester City.


"Both the last two results were very bad," Pellegrini declared.

"We had two games against teams fighting for the title - we never expected not to win any of six points.

"We must continue fighting. We must play for 36 more points. We have just 14 players because of injuries but it's important to start working again tomorrow and to believe.

"The first problem is our team - we must improve a lot of things. All of the teams [challenging for the title] will lose points from now until the end. It's very important to trust what you're doing.

"I'm worried that we have just 14 players - it's very hard to play so many games with so few. After that, we have to play better."


"There is no way we are giving up. There is no way we will be beaten down by this defeat. It will be a tough end to the league for us but it will be tough for everyone else too.

"Today was not one of these where you say we didn't look like a good team. They did well to win here but it's not something that I'll look at for the next game and say we need to change everything drastically.

"Obviously we're not happy about the defeat but we didn't play a bad game today. It wasn't a case of underperforming. Of course, maybe if we play a little bit better we can win this game but the game plan was fine until the penalty."