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Gabriel Jesus Wants Manchester City Success More Than Money

Set to join the club in January, de Jesus is committed to the “City Project.”

Palmeiras v Botafogo - Brasileirao Series A 2016 Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images

While English football gossip focuses on the stumbles and shortfalls of Pep Guardiola and his transition into the Premier League, Gabriel Jesus has announced that he will bring strength to the attacking front of Manchester City.

“I like to define myself as a fighter on the pitch. I like to be aggressive, trying to go forward,” declared the 19-year-old Brazilian in an interview that will warm City fans’ hearts this holiday season.

He continued, “Since my early days I’ve been used to playing with older boys and strong defenders. I’m not scared of tough tacklers. I want to win - I’ll fight to make sure we do.”

He’s clearly thinking about the bigger picture as City evolves. Despite being pursued by many elite European clubs, he and his family were swayed by the unique aspirations of the Manchester team.

“We considered many things,” he said, “but I really appreciate the whole City project and I’m so happy with the decision.

“I can’t deny that working with Guardiola helped with my decision.... I’m proud that he likes my way of playing, but that’s not enough for me. I need to show that he was right about me.”

After the demonstration of strength and commitment from his soon-to-be teammates against Arsenal, the Brazilian’s youthful energy and his direct, visionary capabilities could give City a major boost in 2017.

In Brazil, the young star played in a mixed wide/central role similar to how Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sané operated against the Gunners. David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne must be elated to have another talented winger/striker to receive their telepathic passes and punish opponents.

Sergio Agüero’s suspension ends soon and the focus on City’s new signing could open space for the Argentinian striker to score at an even higher rate.

Regardless of where/how he is deployed, Gabriel’s skill and vigor could be utilized as early as January 2nd against Burnley.